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Information according to §5 TMG

Managing owner:
Andreas Schwarzkopf
Alois-Funk-Str. 7
63457 Hanau
Phone:+49 176 - 6219 5062(no support/service number!)
Tax ID
Tax ID according to §27 Value Added Tax Act:
DE 207 654 107
Bank details
Frankfurter Volksbank
IBAN: DE44501900006101499837
If you need help with ChurchCurator and you are a church member, please get in contact with your church administrator first.
If you are a church administrator or you have not yet signed up your church account, you may contact us at anytime via


Andreas Schwarzkopf

Software Architect, Backend, Business Domain Modelling, Performance and Databases. I love building realworld software and the church - ChurchCurator combines both.

Christian Bäuerlein

I love building things: code, teams, communities, mechanical keyboards. Working in Frankfurt, organizing @mechanicon

Thorsten Ball

Software Developer, Author of
Monkey/Ruby/Go/JavaScript/Lisps/C/Unix. I like to program where the rubber hits the road — wherever that may be.

Product & Marketing

Lara Garcia

Living and loving church, organisation, dialog marketing, UI/UX, consumer contact, B2B support

Uli Wiemer

Teambuilder, soundengineer, church lover. Power user, feeds the development process, feature design

Juliane Eppendahl

Organisation, finances, feedback, user stories and workflow, UI concepts